"The safety and well-being of our district is my top priority because it is our children and our future generations that are at stake. Supporting families and hardworking Americans from the oil fields, trucking industries, military, law enforcement, first responders and local businesses that our district is full of is the heart of this campaign. It is our prerogative to be a pioneer in changing the face of the politics."




Border Security is more than just stopping people from entering our Country illegally, it is about cracking down on Sex and Human trafficking, Drug trafficking and taking care of Americans. We want legal migration, we are a Country of immigrants, but we are also a Country of law and order. Illegal immigration hurts everyone. We want to secure our borders and way of life by infusing technology natural resources and the wall as needed. National security starts in District 28 with border security.


With a poverty rate of 30%, we don't just want work. We want jobs that will secure our Texas way of life for generations to come. We want healthy competition, fair wages, and sustainability. These are what makes Texas great and reminds us of the American dream. 


Healthcare is the number one topic in the country that gets misconstrued, it's not the care that's the issue tits the ability to pay when we get big pharama and big insurance out of the way. We must allow doctors and patients to make the best choices for their personal care and health needs. It’s time to stop with cookie cuter bandaids and have real solutions.


It is important to me that we stop trying to solve all of the social issues in federal government. It is vital that we scale back the issues that are on Capital Hill and quit micro-managing, States must be allowed to govern without big government getting in the way. 


I believe that elected officials who do not have a lifetime of government or politics gives We The People a real voice. People who have held offices for too long end up getting more of a sense of "power" and not lose the sense of service that they were elected to do. By keeping the same people in office, too often, turns into the "favor-system" that corrupts government and the ability for people to lose faith in the system. Term limits are vital to keep our government healthy.


Restoring The Heart is key to fixing government and ensuring our God-given freedoms and liberties. Our district is one of the most unique districts in the country, from being on the US/Mexico border and the number one trade port in the nation, to the oil and gas, ranching and of course our rich Texas history. Our district is not to be brushed to the side and hidden away with the socialist agenda plaguing the nation. It is time to have representation that speaks for the will of the people, not the whim of a party. We are the backbone of the nation, and it is time to have representation that wants to make our district shine.